St. Therese Holy Card

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Back of Card: HIDDEN ROSES St. Therese often referred to her body as an envelope, and the letter within, her soul. All saw the envelope and often judged her by it, rather than the letter inside which they could not see, but which told the real story. As a result, she was often misread. Just one example: One day some of the Sisters were asked to pick apples in the orchard. It was a beautiful day, and Therese so longed to be outside instead of sewing! However, she put her things away slowly, so another could go instead. This little sacrifice and act of kindness was seen by the others as laziness! These are the hidden roses that made our Therese a Saint. It is the same for all of us. Each of us has been misunderstood at some time, and quite often we have done the same to another, reading the envelope which may appear smudged and torn, rather than the letter within, which could be quite lovely. Let us read others charitably, and for those who misread us, let us remember how often we have done the sameā€¦ and be kind in return!

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